Recife, Brazil. On March 12, after five decades of struggle to regularize their informal housing settlement amidst eviction threats and unfulfilled promises from past governments, community members of Ponte do Maduro in Northeast Brazil celebrated as the Governor of the State of Pernambuco issued the first land titles to residents of Chié during a special ceremony.


Join us for these events hosted by or featuring grassroots women leaders from the Huairou Commission at this year's UN Commission on the Status of Women (CSW58), March 10-21, 2014


United Nations

New York, NY


Corruption happens everywhere; on streets and public transportation, government offices and businesses. It happens on the scale of millions of dollars, down to individual acts of bribery. No matter how small, corruption affects entire communities.

What does this mean for women living in poor and marginalized areas?

(Main photo credit: Uníon de Cooperativas de Mujeres Productoras Las Brumas)


"The grassroots women are forming a network of mayors at the regional level, formalized by the national authorities of their countries."  

-Ana Lucy Bengochea



"Las mujeres de base están formando una red de alcaldes a nivel de la región, oficializado por las instancias nacionales de sus países."

-Ana Lucy Bengochea