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Support immediate local relief efforts from organized, women-led community organizations on the ground for those affected by the recent disasters in Mexico and the Caribbean

Disasters have a greater impact on women and they are in need of urgent support for relief and recovery 

Violent natural hazards struck the populations across Mexico and throughout the Caribbean islands, leaving despair in their wake. The 2017 hurricane season wreaked havoc in the Caribbean, as a succession of category 5 hurricanes made landfall, while Mexico was hit by two powerful earthquakes with a 8.1 and 7.1 magnitude and a severe aftershock.

“Women and girls die in much greater numbers in extreme disaster events. The inclusion of women’s perspectives and leadership is a necessary recognition both of the greater risks women experience and their unique roles in resilience building, disaster response and recovery. ”

–Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka, UN Under-Secretary-General and the Executive Director of UN Women and Robert Glasser, UN Secretary-General’s Special Representative for Disaster Risk Reduction and head of the UN Office for Disaster Risk Reduction.


When you make your tax-deductible donation please specify in the “write a note” section to which group you want it to go to by typing in either MEXICO or CARIBBEAN

When hit by extraordinary events such as these, it is neighbors and community members, including grassroots women-led organizations that are among the first to respond. Organized groups of grassroots women have been working in their communities for years, are familiar with the priorities and are best positioned to identify the specific needs of women and girls in the aftermath. The Huairou Commission stands in solidarity with the populations affected and invites contributions directly to grassroots women-led groups in in Mexico and in the Caribbean. By donating through our secure online form, you help support grassroots women and their networks. Your generous tax-deductible donations will help support our member groups:

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MIRA (Mujeres Iberoamericanas en Red) MIRA(Mujeres Iberoamericanas en Red) was founded in 2010. The organization is an Ibero-American Network of Women that advocates for budgetary equality between women and men in government finances. MIRA is concentrating its efforts on building a grassroots bottom-up approach and facilitating grassroots women leadership in disaster-response and recovery.

Your support will enable Mira to launch a pilot initiative that aims to deliver:

– Community mapping in urban areas to identify damage and needs
– Needs assessment of women and the Huairou Community in post-disaster recovery
– Local to local dialogue between the communities and their local governments and facilitate exchange with other members of the Huairou commission network to share their experiences in post-disaster context
– Observatories as community mechanism to transparency in the reconstruction efforts to monitoring post-disaster process – Increasing the engagement of women and youth in post-disaster reconstruction efforts.
– Training program to improve the capacity of women, grassroots organizations and local leaders in the protection, prevention and reconstruction supporting efforts and leadership of women and youth in post-disaster reconstruction and local planning.

For more information on the pilot click here 

SISTREN Theatre Collective in partnership with CAFRA

In 40 years of existence SISTREN, has consistently used the creative arts as a tool of analysis and action to interrogate and implement its work nationally and internationally. The organization uses approaches including workshops, film, the performing and visual arts, as well as psychosocial rehabilitation in inner cities communities across Jamaica. Themes are varied from regional and global issues such as HIV/AIDS, housing, migration, gender, justice and economic policy to name a few. The emphasis is on collective analysis of issues and discussions of possible solutions through networking with local, regional and international organizations. SISTREN, in partnership with CAFRA, a regional network of feminists, individual researchers, activists and women’s organizations, is leading the organizing of women affected by the hurricanes in the Caribbean and more especially in Dominica. So far, women appraised the damages from the hurricanes and are conducting a need assessment within their communities. The assessment highlighted that girls and women are in dire need of necessities.

With your support, SISTREN will be able to:

– Provide necessities such as hygiene products, food, clothing and baby supplies to the women affected by the hurricanes
– Strengthen the coordination of grassroots organizations’ networks the relief efforts of grassroots organizations networks within the Caribbean.



When you make your tax-deductible donation please specify in the “write a note” section to which group you want it to go to by typing in either MEXICO or CARIBBEAN

The Huairou Commission commits to send 100% of raised donations to your preference, either MIRA or SISTREN.

Please contact communications@huairou.org for more information.

Supporting affected communities through grassroots women-led action contribute to the fulfillment of Global agreements that build resilience.

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