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Myths about Caregivers
By the Home-Based Care Alliance
July 2012
Policy document from the Home-Based Care Alliance at the International AIDS Conference 2012: Debunking myths about home-based caregivers.


Community Innovation: Achieving sexual and reproductive health and rights for women and girls through the HIV response
By Luisa Orza, Tyler Crone and Lauren Suchman, ATHENA Network; Jantine Jacobi and Kreeneshni Govender, UNAIDS
Grassroots women’s responses to HIV in their communities in Kenya, India and Honduras are featured in this UNAIDS/ATHENA publication.


Valuing and Compensating Caregivers for their Contributions to Community Health and Development in the Context of HIV and AIDS: An Agenda for Action
By Shannon Hayes
Huairou Commission publication documenting the structured interviews conducted with 1,366 volunteers providing care-giving in six African countries in the first half of 2009.


Women, Land and Secure Tenure: The HIV/AIDS Connection
By Huairou Commission
Practices that exclude and deny women adequate rights to land and housing have a complex relationship to HIV and AIDS.


Grassroots Home-Based Caregivers Frame an Agenda for Immediate Action at the International AIDS Conference, Vienna, Austria
By Huairou Commission
Grassroots home-based caregivers frame an agenda for immediate action at the International AIDS Conference in Vienna, Austria.


Compensations for Contributions: Quantitative Findings
By Debbie Budlender
September 2009
Analysis and findings from the interviews conducted for the “Valuing and Compensating Caregivers for their Contributions to Community Health and Development in the Context of HIV and AIDS: An Agenda for Action” publication.


Grassroots Women’s International Academy on Home-Based Care (Johannesburg, South Africa)
By Shannon Hayes, Huairou Commission
August 2009
On 24th to the 28th August 2009, over 60 home based caregivers and NGO partners from 21 organizations in 13 African countries, organized in self-help groups, alliances and support groups, together with grassroots women living positively with HIV and NGO leaders and staff, congregated in Johannesburg, South Africa for a Grassroots Women’s International Academy on home- based care.


Caregivers Advocacy Guide Based on the CSW Agreed Conclusions
By the Caregivers Action Alliance
March 2009
Results from the Caregivers Action Caucus formed at the beginning of the 53rd UN Commission on the Status of Women by caregivers and supporting organisations.


GROOTS India-Africa AIDS Exchange
By GROOTS International
February 2009
Facilitated by Swayam Shikshan Prayog (SSP) and GROOTS International, the GROOTS India – Africa Learning Exchange encouraged knowledge sharing between grassroots women in respect to sustainable groups and networks, saving and credit, livelihoods and effective community lead health and HIV/AIDS initiatives.


Gender and Care Supporting Resources Collection
By Emily Esplen, BRIDGE Researcher
February 2009
This document has a mix of accessible and engaging research papers, policy briefings, advocacy documents, case studies, and practical tools that focus on different aspects of care.


Common Concern: Home Based Care Alliance
By The World YWCA
December 2008
This issue of Common Concern reveals how HIV and AIDS care programmes have been established in many affected communities and are often championed by grandmothers, resilient widows and young women, yet such programmes have not been supported with necessary tools and resources Features a case study of the Home-Based Care Alliance.


Whose Vulnerability Counts? Grassroots African and Central American Women Leaders Call for Development Investments to Support their Community Efforts to Fight AIDS
By Huairou Commission
September 2008
A session at the 2008 International AIDS Conference that brought together home-based caregivers with a wide range of partners to explore how to partner and make plans to raise the visibility of home-based caregivers, support them to organize for impact and to leverage social, political and institutional recognition.


Beyond Unpaid Caregiving: Strategic Partnering to Support and Sustain Grassroots Women’s Groups’ Home-Based Care Work (in the Context of HIV)
By Anya Levy Guyer, Huairou Commission
August 2008
Background paper for a strategic session at the International AIDS Conference in Mexico City, Mexico supported by UNDP Japan Partnership Fund (WID/GAD) focuses on home-based care provision models, areas for policy development, improvement and implementation.


Home-Based Care: Turning the HIV/AIDS Pandemic into a Development Opportunity
By Huairou Commission AIDS Campaign
This policy brief describes the contributions and the challenges caregivers face, and calls for support that would make a difference to them.


Uniting Communities around Caregiving: Grassroots Academy and Participation in the YWCA International Women’s Summit (Nairobi, Kenya)
By Huairou Commission (in collaboration with GROOTS International)
July 2007
This was the 12th Grassroots Women’s International Academy held globally, and the third held regionally in Africa and focused explicitly on grassroots women’s responses to HIV and AIDS.


Grassroots Experiences with Local AIDS Responses in Africa
By Esther Mwaura-Muiru
May 2006
A Powerpoint presentation on the global network of grassroots Women’s Organizations from Africa, Asia, Latin America, Eastern and Western Europe and North America aiming to strengthen women’s needs and capacities and increase participation in community development at the World Bank Local Response Consultative meeting.


Grassroots Academy at the International Conference on AIDS and STIs in Africa (Abuja, Nigeria)
By Shannon Hayes
January 2006
Following up on the gains made at the Nairobi ICASA 2003 and building on the momentum gained through subsequent meetings and events, African members of GROOTS International and the Huairou Commission organized a Grassroots Women’s International Academy in Abuja, Nigeria for ICASA 2005.