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Member Networks


Coordinated by Fundación Guatemala, the Women and Peace Network is composed of 6 Mayan grassroots women’s organizations within Guatemala, and one rural or grassroots women’s organization from El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Costa Rica, each representing a network of local grassroots women’s organizations. The Women and Peace Network in Central America was born from a process led by Arias Foundation (Costa Rica) and UN-Habitat in the late 1990s. Each country brings a special focus to post-conflict development:
• In Guatemala, after the Peace Accords were signed in 1996, Fundación Guatemala focused on impacting the Land Fund Project and the Ministry of Agriculture. Through training and capacity building, the groups create strategic partnerships at the national, regional and international levels to strengthen women’s leadership in amplifying women’s access to land and property rights.
• The Union of Cooperatives “Las Brumas” in Nicaragua coordinates advocacy work to bring women into decision-making processes and to secure rural women’s rights to land and property.
• The Women Farmer’s Coordinator (CMC) in Costa Rica is composed of small agricultural women’s groups dedicated to handicraft activities, whose organizing has brought greater access to credit, skill training and technical assistance.
• The Rural Women Network of Honduras (REDNAMURH) advocates for the creation of a special land-acquisition fund for rural women.
• The Rural Women Association (AMR) in El Salvador operates with a focus on women’s safety, the protection of natural resources, and land rights for rural women.
Members of the Women and Peace Network in Central America served as active stakeholders in the discussions around free trade agreements in the region and lent their voice to national consultations as well. Furthermore, Network representatives in Guatemala contribute to the different debates in their country on Security Council Resolution 1325 and have designed a process of knowledge-sharing with other member organizations in Central America, in order to create linkages with institutions working in the area of women’s safety and security against violence.