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FEMUM-ALC is a regional network founded in 1998 in Quito, Ecuador, sponsored by UN Habitat-Rolac. Formed by women leaders and pioneers in Municipal Government in Latin America and the Caribbean, the organization promotes policies based on gender equity, citizen participation, human rights, safety, and an intercultural agenda, creating opportunities for grassroots women’s involvement in public spheres. FEMUM-ALC works in alliance with, and supporting, grassroots organizations, women in politics, indigenous communities, the feminist movement, academia, youth leaders, and local and national authorities.
FEMUM-ALC is also part of the global movement, led by UCGL, working towards the promotion of women in local government–as mayors, councilwomen, attorney-generals and other authorities–and in the management of city development projects.
FEMUM-ALC’s work focuses on organizing a Regional Exchange of Best Practices, Training Programs, International Conferences and National Campaigns. Along with its partner network, MIRA, FEMUM-ALC has also worked to mobilize more than 30 cities and grassroots organizations as part of the Urban Thinkers Campus Initiative of UN Habitat III.
FEMUM fosters the building of common political platforms for female authorities and grassroots women to exchange ideas and reify local constituencies in support of grassroots women’s initiatives. The organization has created several spaces for these exchanges, including the training program in Political Marketing, Public Management, Accountability, Safety, and Law of Gender Equality, where women learned about national and local political tools, and how they can be used to pressure government agencies.