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Community Practitioner’s Platform

Huairou Connects Grassroots Women to Support Community-Led Development

Grassroots women are creating a more sustainable development process that is resistant to shocks caused by natural disasters and climate change, particularly in high-risk areas. Successful community resilience requires collective organizing and an innovative approach to governance, one that is well understood by grassroots women deeply involved in community leadership.

The Platform Supports Community-Led Resilience Efforts with Grassroots Women at the Center

The Community Practitioner’s Platform (CPP) is a networking and partnership mechanism that brings together different local, national, and regional stakeholders committed to supporting community-led resilient development. Partners in the CPP commit to accelerating grassroots women’s public role in decision-making processes and to scaling up the gains of the development innovations and practices promoted by the Community Resilience Fund. The CPP strategically fosters exchanges of local risk reduction and resilience building practices, including participatory dialogues between grassroots women and other stakeholders which establish multi-community action plans with support from government and other institutional partners. The CPP presents a unique opportunity for community-level representatives from poor communities affected by natural disasters and climate change to play a key role in agenda-setting and influencing local, national and global strategies. Officially formed in October 2010, the CPP was born from the First Stakeholder Advisory Group of the Community Practitioner’s Platform, hosted by SIDA Sweden, convened by the Huairou Commission and GROOTS International, and attended by 20 participants representing grassroots organizations, civil society networks, government and multilateral institutions. Today, several INGOs, development donors and regional actors who support grassroots participation in disaster risk reduction (DRR) and resilient local development, continue to identify and support their local partners to learn about and join this process.

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