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Take Action

10 Ways to Get Involved with the Huairou Commission

Get to Know Us Better.

  1. Like us on Facebook.

  2. Follow us on Twitter.

Help Us Build Our Network

  1. Connect us to other groups you’re involved with, such as women’s organizations, foundations, community groups, academic institutions and activists focusing on:

    1. Community Organizing

    2. Social Change

    3. Sustainable Development

    4. Gender Equality

  2. Invite us to speak or screen our videos at events.

Lend a Hand

  1. Intern or volunteer with us. We’re always looking for:

    1. Professional Development

    2. Translation/Interpretation

    3. Event Logistical Support

    4. Mentoring

  2. Write and speak about us.Talk to us about opportunities to collaborate on writing, research and academic projects.

Invest in Grassroots Women

  1. Financial Contributions

  2. Technology (in-kind contribution)

  3. Frequent Flier Miles