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Mission and Description

The Huairou Commission is:

A member-led coalition of grassroots women leaders and their organizations;

A movement building coalition for grassroots women;

A platform for collective action;

A peer learning community;

A strategy-driven coalition;

A global coalition that is community based with regional strategies.

The Commission was established in 1995 at the 4th World Conference on Women in Beijing to build a new organization to ensure a specific space in the women’s movement for grassroots women and their agendas. We have worked together since then to fulfill our mission of empowering grassroots women leaders to strengthen their community development practices and to transform public policies at local, national, regional and global levels.

The goal of our collective action is to institutionalize grassroots women’s public leadership. This means ensuring that grassroots women are driving forces in setting the public agenda and standards of political accountability in the context of poverty reduction and equitable and sustainable development along the urban/rural continuum.

The Huairou Commission supports grassroots women’s organizations to directly put their needs and those of their communities at the center of the development process. Members focus on leadership development, equitable and sustainable development practices, network building, and policy change as a prerequisite for effective poverty reduction. Our community empowers grassroots women to create new development paradigms by increasing their roles in the process and advancing their goals from a position of strengthened influence and power.

We celebrate the creation and nourishing of partnerships in achieving our collective goals. Our partners include professionals, NGOs, the United Nations, the World Bank and others who seek serious working relationships built on mutual respect and awareness of what each actor brings to the table.